Central Celebration of Days of the Sea

On 21 June for a few days Kołobrzeg will be a capital city of the Polish coast. Heats last the preparation, and we into the time with city authorities and organisers are inviting peculiarly. They stipulated in the program among others: conferences, Masses of St, parade, exhibition, sports struggle of different disciplines, formal celebrations associated with history, the current life and the future made plans of people tied up with the sea.
In part artistic performances of artists representing all sorts kinds of music:
– For Maryla Rodowicz (22.06, hr 2000),
– Of choir “Cantores Colabregae”,
– Orchestras of 8 Flotillas of the Defence of the Coast,
– Tatyanas Okupnik (23.06, hr 2000),
– Of Dorota Miśkiewicz with the team
– Concert of the Star: IVE Mendes
finished with a fireworks display to the music of a symphony orchestra
Caribbean Evening with the Neptune – a Costa team will appear the del of Solos and dance displays (samba, rumba, salsa) (24.06, hr 2000).
The detailed program is on the side: